Julie Kramer – Civil Services/Infrastructure Stakeholder Representative

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Julie Kramer is the President of Advanced Survival Technology, Global Security Defense, and the EMP Engineering Team, specializing in fortified construction, fortified community development projects, advanced forecasting, emergency/disaster preparedness, security/vulnerability assessments, and strategic planning for various threat events.  Julie is also the Director of Crisis Management & Strategic Planning for Advanced Forecasting Corporation, where she specializes in planetary risk management for various clients around the world.

Julie is an active member of the FBI National Infragard and an Executive Committee Board Member of the Northeast Regional FBI EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Special Interest Group. She offers expertise in proactive strategic planning and critical analysis in disaster response events, with a deep knowledge in multi-hazard mitigation and continuity strategies for various planetary threats. Her background for the last decade has been managing various projects with private and government sectors, critical infrastructures, engineers, security specialists, Military/Special Ops, program/project managers, and scientists. Her mission continues to be focused on building community resilience, continuity, sustainability, and multi-hazard mitigation and planning.