Sunil Sinha – Water & Wastewater Standing Committee Vice Chair

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Dr. Sunil Sinha is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) Center at Virginia Tech. Dr. Sinha is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award recipient in the area of sustainable water infrastructure management systems.

Dr. Sinha’s research, teaching, and consulting activities are focused in the areas of infrastructure management, sustainability, pattern recognition, sensor informatics, and resilience, especially urban systems. Dr. Sinha is leading a multi-year research and education program to define best practices and develop practical tools and techniques for resiliency and sustainability. He has documented and disseminated the results and findings from research work in over 350 publications in technical referred journals, technical conference proceedings, and technical reports. Dr. Sinha is working closely with international institutions in the areas of resilient built infrastructure systems such as CSIRO, Australia; NRC, Canada; University of Birmingham, U.K.; SINTEF, Norway; Tampere University, Finland; and IIT-Kanpur, India.

Dr. Sinha was seed behind “90-minutes” PBS documentary titled “Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure,” that throws light on a long-buried problem — America’s aging water system. He has given many NPR interviews and featured as a water infrastructure expert in a History Channel documentary titled “The Crumbling of America.” Currently, he is serving on various professional committees related to Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems.