Steve Ernst – Transportation Standing Committee Vice Chair

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Ernst_photoSteve is a registered professional engineer in Virginia and has worked with the Federal Highway Administration for 31 years, including 9 years as a bridge designer with Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division and 20 years as a structural engineer in Federal Highways’ Office of Bridges and Structures. He is currently responsible for bridge technology programs, including policies, procedures, standards and practices related to safety and security in bridge structures engineering.

Steve is the FHWA lead for risk management of critical infrastructure and for interaction with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies on bridge and tunnel security issues.  He is an FHWA liaison to the AASHTO Technical Committee on Security and active in the AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management.  Through collaboration with the US Army Corps of Engineers, he developed workshops to train engineers to understand and mitigate security threats to highway assets and is involved with research for structural hardening.  He is currently leading development of new bridge security design manual, highway security design guidance, and risk management deployment for bridge and tunnel security.  He serves as liaison to the NCHRP panels investigating fire on bridges, tunnel ventilation and emergency egress for tunnels.

He was the FHWA lead for the Blue Ribbon Panel on Bridge and Tunnel Security, co-chair for an international scan for underground structures operations, safety and emergency response, is a member of the World Road Committee Task Force on Security, delivers training on bridge vulnerability and risk management to terrorist threats, and participates with the Department of Homeland security in the evaluation of critical bridges and tunnels.