David Eisenman – Social & Economic Standing Committee Vice Chair

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Eisenman, David - For SPH Magazine - 120529David Eisenman, MD, MSHS, is a Professor in Residence in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health where he directs the Center for Public Health and Disasters. Dr. Eisenman’s research focuses on improving community resilience to disasters, understanding the correlates and social distribution of resilience among different groups (e.g. poor vs. wealthy), and the health effects of disasters and trauma. Recent studies include a randomized control trial of community resilience building (www.laresilience.org), social and infrastructure factors influencing heatwave mortality, implementing evidence-based practices for disaster planning in public health departments and improving treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in medical clinics. In 2012, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health appointed Dr. Eisenman as the Preparedness Science Officer for the Emergency Preparedness and Response Program.  Dr. Eisenman is an Associate Natural Scientist at RAND. Further details on his research and publications are available online at www.cphd.ucla.edu.