Charter and ByLaws

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As supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other federal agencies, the Community Resilience Panel for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems (Panel) was a forum to achieve broad stakeholder collaboration and consensus around goals and actions needed to achieve community resilience and for those communities to derive benefits from that improved resilience. The Panel engaged and connected stakeholders by creating a process to encourage and support community resilience and raised awareness of dependencies among buildings and infrastructure systems and the social systems they support.

The Panel identified policies and important reference materials that may be used to facilitate community resilience, as well as gaps and impediments to achieving it. The Panel considered the adequacy of standards, guidelines, best practices, and other tools in order to recommend, develop, and work with others to enhance the resilience of communities. The Panel developed products, including, but not limited to identifying gaps and needs to codes and standards bodies, case studies, and a Resilience Knowledge Base (RKB). The Panel provided an open process for stakeholders to participate in the ongoing development, coordination and harmonization of community resilience guidance. The Panel was authorized by 15 U.S.C. 272(b)(10), (c)(12) and (c)(15).

Panel Input

In response to many comments received from Panel members at and following the November 9th, 2015 meeting, a revised Charter and Bylaws for the Community Resilience Panel was posted for review on December 18, 2015. A summary of the comments and responses are included here.

Vote Results for Original Charter & Bylaws

The Charter and Bylaws were passed and ratified in January 2016. Approximately 69% of the Panel members cast an affirmative vote to pass the Charter and Bylaws, 1% voted not to pass them, and 30% did not participate in the vote. To ratify the Charter and Bylaws, a minimum of 67% affirmative votes of the Panel members were required. A summary of the vote results is available with more details.

Vote Results for Amendment 1 to Charter and Bylaws

The Coordinating Committee (CRPCC) proposed an amendment to the Charter and Bylaws in June 2016 to make the following operational changes to the Panel process:

  • The Coordinating Committee will vote on external documents (i.e., those developed outside the Panel) proposed for addition to the Resilience Knowledge Base. External documents will not require the entire Panel’s review since many of the documents have already been reviewed through other processes (e.g., journal articles, government agency documents, etc.)
  • Documents developed by the Panel will still require an affirmative vote of the Panel to be included in the RKB.

The amendment was passed in November 2016 with 68% of Panel members casting an affirmative vote to pass the amendment, 2% opposing the amendment, and 30% not participating in the vote. A summary of the voting results is available with more details. The amended Charter and Bylaws are available here.